Exciting Events & Programs in PA
As MBM celebrates the GRAND OPENING of our new facility in Langhorne, PA
         Registration is open for various programs
                                                                                                                                                     For detailed discription of the available groups and sessions, please visit the
Programs Page of our website. 
Assessment is required and free for all new students. Please call for an appointment. 

         Intensive Spring Program
We are pleased to offer Intensive Sessions
March 11-April 16, 2013
A sign up for minimum two consecutive weeks is required. Great accommodations and attractions are nearby MBM for families who are coming from out of town.Please, contact us for free assessment appointment or further information.

The artisf from our Spring Art show has donated some additional pieces to us. The paintings are avialable for viewing and sale at the center.    Pictures will be available of them at Photos page of the website

MBM's 10k/5k/family fun run fundraisingSeptember 30, 2012 was a great day and a very successful event. Many thanks to all the runners, volunteers and staff. We are looking forward seeing you next year!!!  


CBS 60 Minutes II featured a segment on Conductive Education called “Mind and Muscle”.  It was originally aired on February 25, 2004, and can be found on
CBS’s Web site files.
 ** If you are interested in planning your own fundraiser in your area to benefit ACERS, call for information and for help to organize one! No event is too small!!!
1-800-307-7711 or email: