ACERS, Inc. is determined to accommodate the needs of the families, therefore we are trying to keep the schedule and the locations of our programs as flexible as possible.

Programs/Services offered by ACERS, Inc.

  • Consultations for schools and Pilot Programs

  • Individual consultation and assessment 
  • Development of Home Programs

We have, or plan to have, available programs in North, Central and South NJ and also in the Philadelphia, PA area. Please contact us to find out what is available at given times.


Phone: 1-800-307-7711 

Parents are encouraged to participate in order to learn handling techniques and philosophies to enable them to reinforce skills and facilitate their child's progress in every day life.

All our Programs are lead by Peto Institute certified Conductors.

ACERS, Inc.   PO Box 217 Middletown, NJ 07748
Phone: 1-800-307-7711    E-mail: