“Our daughter, Ella has Cerebral Palsy.  Before our experience with Conductive Education, she could not hold her head up, had trouble eating solids, was not communicating and was not motivated to move.  We weren’t sure what to expect, but we signed Ella up for a five week CE program.  After five weeks, Ella learned to hold up her head and trunk.  She learned to sit at a wooden table and hold a bar to eat.  She had the motivation to progress and did so in every area.  Our Conductive Education experience was life changing for her and our family.”

“At age two, John couldn’t sit up by himself.  Then I “discovered” a therapy approach called Conductive Education that many parents were very enthusiastic about and which, from reports, provided true, tangible gains in ability.  John’s first visit to a weekend Conductive Education “Camp” resulted in him being able to sit up by himself for the first time.  Since that weekend eleven years ago, we have never looked back.  John goes to Conductive Education as much as possible, including a summer program every year.  It is the one, and only one, service that has been of real help to John in improving function.  I believe that directly as a result of Conductive Education, John has greatly improved his abilities, and capabilities, resulting in a much more normal childhood experience, and hopefully, a more full and opportunity-filled life.”